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September 19, 2011

Motivational Monday–Expect the Unexpected

Happy Monday friends! 

I assume you’re looking for some sort of race recap after Saturday morning’s post.  Well, in short: I didn’t finish my first half marathon.  I don't know smile

And to be completely honest, aside from all the ”congratulations!” from friends and family, I’m okay with it.  But we’ll get to all that in a minute…


To prep for our little West-side overnighter + race day, I got together a few necessities.  Fresh coconuts for electrolyte-enriched coconut water [we just took a couple, but that photo was from when I got them], oat bake muffins [+ peanut butter] for my pre-race breakfast, a bagel and peanut butter for Ben’s, our Vibram FiveFingers and our ever-so-travel-friendly Tiger Tail to  help relax our muscles and work through tightness. 


We packed post-race beach and brunch clothing, because obviously a dip in the water is necessary after 13.1 miles and an unlimited hotel brunch is motivation. Winking smile

And we also took a set of going out clothes for a nice dinner in Kapalua. 


My awesome sis + bro-in-law gave Ben + I an incredible gift card for Pineapple Grill way back in March for our birthdays [Ben and I were born 5 days apart], and we finally got around to using it on Saturday night! 

We were more than impressed with Pineapple Grill.  From the moment we walked in, the service was phenomenal and friendly.  They sat us quickly at a table overlooking the cobalt ocean and we were able to watch the the sun set over the island of Lana`i.  


Ben got to work on some rolls [carb-loading?] while we awaited our two appetizers: furikake-encrusted calamari with homemade cocktail sauce + manila clams in a butter sauce.  Delicious. 

For our main course, Ben opted for the crème fraiche and pesto fettucini with shrimp and garden veggies while I enjoyed the monchong fish atop a butternut squash succotash with garden veggies [extra points to the server for not batting an eye when I asked for the succotash rather than mashed potatoes].  Everything was flavorful and rich and the portion size did not disappoint.


Because we told the staff that we were celebrating our upcoming 2-year anniversary upon arriving, they said they wanted to bring out their signature pineapple upside-down cake for us as a congratulations [amazing!].  It was difficult to turn down, but Ben and I were both stuffed at that point and weren’t too excited about finishing off a meal with sugar, so we politely declined. 

We left happy and full.Smile

Ben and I both conked out pretty early on Saturday night in preparation for an earrrly wake-up time [4:17am!].

My foot had started shooting pain again while we walked around the expo the day before the race, which made me nervous.  But I had promised that I would at least try to compete in the half, although I knew that my foot injury would mean it would be a huge stretch to finish. 

The morning of the race, I pinned on my bib, slid on my fivefingers, and felt good. 

It was still pitch black at 5:20 as Ben and I joined the other 2000 participants at the start line about 10 minutes before go-time. I went internal and meditated for a second, stating my intentions for the race:

Above all else, I will honor my body today.  I will listen to my body’s signals and be unafraid to ask for support.

Ben took off running while I walked the first 4 miles of the half.  It was beautiful and peaceful to be walking that early in the morning.  I watched the sun rise over the ocean and said good morning to all the volunteers.  I smiled at the cars passing.  I was loving it! 

Around mile 4 I still felt pretty good so I thought I’d start running.  If I continued to feel good, I’d run the last 9 miles of the race.  But that obviously didn’t happen. 

By the time I hit mile-marker 6, pain was shooting from the bottom of my foot up toward the middle of my calf.  I thought about continuing on and dealing with the repercussions later [ice bath, massage, being immobile for 6 weeks, not being able to teach my class, surgery?] and then let go of the ego and asked for support. 

With the injury, I wasn’t expecting much, so I was quite pleased to have made it to the half-way mark before having to hobble to the sideline and catch the "Official Race Vehicle” back to the finish line. 

“Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live.”  -Jim Rohn

Nonetheless, my incredible hubby Ben did finish his first half in great time!!


And even better: he felt so good running that he actually wants to sign us up for next year!  [Ben the Runner is BACK!]

So there you have it: my first half-marathon race recap.  Not exactly what I was expecting, but I’m very proud of myself for being able to overcome my ego and honor my body.  It makes me feel like I’m getting closer to finding a balance

When’s the last time you consciously had to let go of your ego for the betterment of your health?

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Motivational Mondays are meant to offer you tips and tools to help you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  What would you like to see for Motivational Mondays? Would you like to be a contributor? Comment or email me at and tell me your motivational story, who motivates you, and/or your tips.

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September 2, 2011

Return to Running

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of non-running related exercise like LiveFit, swimming, and teaching TurboKick.  They’ve just felt good.  I’ve been enjoying the variety and how strong I’ve been feeling, and I just haven’t really felt like running much. 

But you know me, I’m always up for a challenge.


I immediately knew I couldn’t turn down the opportunity – even if it was two weekends away and I hadn’t run a mile in over a month – because this is an event I’ve been saying I’d do since I started running a year and a half ago. 

The details:

  • Saturday, September 10th
  • 52 mile relay run from Kahului airport on the magnificent Hana Hwy to Hana Ball Park
  • teams of 6
  • three legs each runner – each leg ranges from 2 to 4 miles
  • award for most spirited [read: costumes!]


I figured today was as good a day as any to start running again [you know, since the race is next weekend and all], and got a couple good miles in before teaching Turbo. 

This upcoming week I’m going to get back to my running practice so that my teammates don’t disown me. Even though I’m nervous, I’m mostly really excited!  The road to Hana is breathtaking, and I’m stoked to be trying something I’ve never done before! 


[Am I crazy?]

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: the Maui Marathon is the following weekend.  Surprised smile

That one I’m really nervous about because, well, I haven’t been training like I thought I would.  In any case, I reevaluated my plans for the half-marathon a while back, and my goal now is to run half and walk the rest [it’s an out-and-back, so that should be simple enough].  Ben, on the other hand, has been kicking butt with his training – even with a stressful new work schedule – and is set to run his first half marathon on the 18th! 

I’m excited to be running East Maui next weekend and then West Maui the following weekend. 

Heck, I’m actually just excited to be running again! 

Do you have any events coming up?  Anyone else gonna be participating in either of these events? 

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