Motivational Mondays

The Motivational Mondays series began as a response to negativity I kept hearing surrounding the ideas of weight loss and living healthily.  I, too, go through phases where I feel utterly hopeless, so I decided it was time to simplify the process and offer weekly motivation for those who need it [let's be honest here... we all need it].  

Motivational Mondays highlight ways in which individuals can make lifestyle changes and develop tool kits to live healthy, balanced lives (whether or not the goal is weight loss).

Here you will find all the Motivational Monday posts to date.  Click the titles to be taken to the original posts. :)


My tips for taking control of your own destiny

Caitlin’s post on eliminating negative self-talk and fat talk

My tips for making time for health and wellness

Tips on setting attainable goals

Therese’s post on getting from there to here without going crazy

A reminder to stay open to reevaluation

Fueling your body, mind, and spirit well

The importance of accountability 

Creating new boundaries

Utilize resources and gain knowledge 

Learn to give back

 Try new things!

Celebrate your success! 

Surround yourself with like-minded people 

Tips for getting back on track 

Feeling your way through

Music as motivation

Finding What Works for You


What would you like to see for Motivational Mondays? 

Would you like to be a contributor?  

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