The Concept:

Green + Plates + Food

Before our wedding, Ben and I registered for a set of plates and bowls in varying colors and shapes (not because we needed them necessarily, but because everyone kept telling us we needed a registry, so we went nuts!).  We didn’t end up getting everything, but we did receive two large square blue plates and two smaller square green plates. Rather than buying the rest of the set, we decided that nothing was wrong with our old set of dishes and that we’d keep it until we saw a true need (and when we were ready to get a new set, we’d already have a few plates!).

On nights when we make especially meaningful meals, we bring out the square green or blue plates to signify that we want to be extra mindful during that meal.

Since my current schedule entails being out of the house until 10:30 pm three nights a week, we’ve promised each other—especially during this chaotic time in our lives—that we’ll make time to bring those plates out.  A promise that, for at least one dinner each week, my husband and I will connect on a deeper level in both our relationship with each other and in our relationship with our health.

Of course, my relationship with health has many factors other than the food I put on my plate, and this blog is a reflection of that delicate balancing act.

Here at Green Plate Dinners, you will find:

  • motivation for leading a healthy life through delicious recipes and health tips
  • encouragement in strengthening community through an emphasis on supporting local and sustainable [people, products, ideas]
  • inspiration for creativity through tutorials and ideas for jewelry-making and cooking
  • musings on staying true to yourself, creating and sustaining a happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle


Although I am passionate about many things, I am not an expert in nutrition or exercise (aside from having a TurboKick certifcation) and speak through personal experience and opinion only.

[On reviewing products/places for this blog]:

You can trust that I will always give my opinion with full integrity and honesty (even if/when I receive something free or am paid to review it).  It would be against my mission and values if I didn’t.

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