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    NGC Main Propulsion System Tested successfully During Trial Voyage of San Sha 1 Hao Traffic Supply Ship

    Published: 2014-12-15


    On December 3, the main controllable pitch propeller system and tunnel thruster provided by subsidiary of NGC Marine Group-Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co, Ltd(NGC Marine) for “SanSha1 Hao” traffic supply ship were tested successfully during sea trail. The ship will launch its maiden voyage on New Year's Day of 2015.

    The “SanSha 1 Hao” traffic supply ship is 120m long and 20m wide, with displacement of 7800T, and maximum navigational speed of 19 knots. This ship is a ro-ro passenger ship which can carry passengers, ro-ro vehicles, and container trailers. The voyage from the Hainan Island to Sansha is reduced to 8 or 9 hours from an original 15 or 16 hours, and cargo capacity is increased 9-fold as compared to that of “Qiongsha No.3”. This ship is an important project following establishment of Sansha City. This ship sials between Hainan Island and Sansha Yongxing Island, navigating from opposite directions of “Qiongsha No.3”, and can provide more convenience for the military and public on Sansha Yongxing Island, which makes the vessels essential for solving the difficulties of traffic and supply between Hainan Island and Sansha Yongxing Island.

    The ship’s propulsion system is configured with twin screws. The propeller shaft utilizes a three-bearing support structure, and the whole length of the shafts reach upwards of 23m. The ro-ro passenger ship has high demands in terms of navigational speed, vibration and comfort. During the trial voyage, all equipment supplied by NGC Marine met the related supply requirements. With its strong propeller and propulsion system design capacity, the navigational speed exceeded the requirements of ship owners. In addition, the vibration of the propulsion system is well controlled and assures the steady operation of the ship. The successful trial voyage for the “SanSha 1 Hao” traffic supply ship fully proves that NGC Marine has outstanding propeller design standards and technical levels to optimally arrange ro-ro passenger ship shafts. 

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