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    Two NGC Products Including “Low-Temperature Flying Shears” Pass Provincial Verification

    Published: 2014-11-12


    Entrusted by Jiangsu Economic and Information Commission, on November 9, 2014, the Nanjing Economic and Information Commission held a new technology appraisal meeting for the “DWFJ 1030 low-temperature flying shears” and new product appraisal meeting for the “MSBY400 unilateral dual drive reducer” researched and developed by NGC Gears Group subsidiary Nanjing High-Speed & Accurate Gear Group. The certification commission heard trial production reports and technical summary reports for the products, and reviewed technical documents including product drawings, technology, and fixtures.

    The DWFJ 1030 low-temperature flying shears have large shearing specifications and large shearing speed spans suitable for low-temperature shearing conditions. They can be applied to production lines for long products, in particular, for products of which span is relatively large. The product uses CAE technology to analyze and optimally calculate dynamics and the shearing capacity parameters, so the product incorporates prefect shearing performance, high system movement positioning accuracy, and significant shearing force. Upon trial usage by users, the performance has been found to be reliable, and reflection is good. The certification commission found that the overall technical level of the product is domestically advanced, and allowed the product to pass through the new technology appraisal.

    The MSBY400 unilateral dual drive reducer is applied to the gearbox driven by the cement mill. The product uses CAE technology to optimize gearbox structure, with the small output gear offering accurate slight surface modifications. In addition, the input bearing pedestal uses innovative design of cantilever type support devices, enabling system stiffness, smooth transmission, and mesh accuracy. Synchronous uniform loading efficiency is entirely improved. The certifying commission believed that the overall technical level of the product is advanced at home, and allowed the product to pass through new technology appraisals.

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