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    Surviving through Quality, Developing through Reform——Record of 2014 NGC Marine Company ''Quality Season'' knowledge contest

    Published: 2014-10-08


    On the afternoon of September 26th, 2014 the NGC Marine Company “Quality Season” knowledge contest was held at Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. (Marine Company). Members of the contest leading group, youth leagues, union representatives, 24 contestants, and a number of staff representatives totally 80 people in all attended the contest.

    The contest was hosted by Marine Company Deputy General Manager Mr. Liu Xinghui, who firstly introduced the development of the three-month marathon ''Quality Season''. He later amply vindicated the achievements made in the contest, and expressed his hope that the company could maintain a single mind, strictly controlling quality and returning high-quality products to the market.

    The leader of the contest leadership group and the general manager of Marine Company Chen Yongdao made important remarks during the contest. Mr. Chen firstly congratulated the eight teams which had gone through preliminary competitions, amply vindicating the hard work of ''Quality Season'' committee workers over the past three months, and then expressed heartfelt thanks for the strong support for the contest offered by the labor union and youth league. Mr. Chen noted that quality is the eternal theme of enterprises and our life. Because of the particularity and significance of marine products, we continuously improve product quality, leading the market in technology and quality and giving back to customers. To these ends, workers should further increase their awareness of quality through the opportunity of the ''Quality Season'', implementing the "customer first, quality first" purpose into every process, and manufacturing every product to become an entirely perfect product.

    During the ''Quality Season'' contest, after the first round of written examination, eight teams advanced to the finals. The finals were an on-site question and answer session, including mandatory questions, tie-breaker questions, emigration questions, risk questions, and bonus questions. Each team attempted to outwit the others and after five rounds of heated competition, the equipment power department team won first prize, the inspection department team and the fourth branch team won second prize, and the general manager office team, the planning and scheduling team and the seventh branch team won the third prize.

    This contest extended for three months from July 1, 2014 to September 30, 2014. This contest achieved complete success under the apt leadership of committees and with co-operation from the cadres and workers. Thanks to this positive energy, Marine Company will certainly make sail, break the wind and waves and drive to a most vast sea of international markets of marine products. (By Zhang Haoran)

    (The leader of the contest leadership group Mr. Chen made important remarks)

    (The standing vice leader of the contest leadership group Mr. Liu hosted the competition)

    (Competition site)

    (The vice-general manager of Marine Company Lei Haining awards prizes to the first-place winners)

    (Mr. Liu awards prizes to the second-place winners)

    (The general manager assistants of Marine Company Mr. Yang and Mr. Xie award prizes to the third-place winners)

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