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    An Autumn Trip to Southern Anhui, Depicting a Colorful Life Path -- Report on 2014 Photography Activity in Huizhou by China Transmission Photography Association

    Published: 2014-11-20


    On November 8 and 9, 2014, a group of more than 40 people of China Transmission Photography Association travelled to the mountainous area of Southern Anhui organized and led by the Labor Union of the Group for a photography activity to record the colorful mountainous sceneries with their cameras.

    In the early morning of Saturday, while other people were still in sound sleep after a busy week, members of the China Transmission Photography Association gathered at the company gate in preparation of departure. Though it was drizzling and quite cold in the autumn air, it did not cool the group’s enthusiasm. The trip of more than five hours offered a rare chance for communication between the photography enthusiasts of the company. The annual photography activity has become a platform for members to practice their interest while opening channel of contact and exchange between colleagues.

    The drizzle made the view of late autumn very hazy. The green mountains, vague autumn streams, sunset at a ferry, the smoke from village kitchen chimneys, sounds and colors, dynamic and still, all of this depicted an idyllic picture both tranquil and rich in vitality. It is in just such a poetic atmosphere that the photography association group travelled for two days, climbing Yangchan earthen buildings, getting by the ancient village of Changxi, looking far into the fog of early morning at Tachuan, and passing through Xidi in search of the relics of Huizhou. Everything they felt and experienced was recorded in their photographs.

    One episode during the journey occurred at Yixian County, which is an old town reputed to be a land of peace and happiness and a picturesque village in China. Ancient villages such as Xidi and Hongcun boast a vigorous environment, blessed with autumn views of Tachuan, seas of bamboo at Mukeng, enchanting scenery, and endowed with the wonderful spirits of the universe. At this time, it just so happened that an international photography show — the 2014 “Xidi-Hongcun Cup” China Yixian Photography Show was being held here. Members of China Transmission were also fortunate enough to view the exquisite works from photography masters of different countries, experiencing their interpretation and pursuit of beauty and happiness in each corner of the world.

    (Visiting the Photography Show)

    With more than 60 members China Transmission Photography Association has a history of nearly five years. Members are colleagues and photography friends working toward a common pursuit of an active and healthy lifestyle. They also provide photography support and publicity guarantees for each organizational activity of the company. In recent years, several members cultivated by the association have stood out in various municipal and provincial photography activities. The Group’s labor union will organize sightseeing activities and contests as usual and build a harmonious and happy cultural life for the employees. (By Tu Guangji)

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