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    NGC Side Winch Gearbox was Installed in "tianlinhao"Dredger of CCCC Tianjin Dredging Company

    Published: 2012-09-27


    Recently, two units of side winch gearboxes designed and produced by Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of NGC Group were installed in "tianlinhao" cutter dredger for sea trial. During the whole process, the gearboxes were running well. This dredger would be put into use in October, 2012.

    "tianlinhao" cutter dredger

    This side winch gearbox for "tianlinhao" cutter dredger is typed as MJ100_003, two units in total. Two gearboxes are arranged symmetrically in the left and right. The weight of single unit is 60T, with maximum output torque at 2000kN·m. The housing has been optimized with ANSYS software, and the rigidity and deformation are both under control. The gearbox is equipped with lubrication and cooling system, and the lubrication system is driven by the electric motor pump, which is featured with low noise, low vibration and stable pressure. All lubricating pipes are mounted inside the housing, and is very assembly/disassembly friendly. A heater is built into the gearbox, which can heat up the lubricant to the required temperature in a short time.

    "tianlinhao" cutter dredger is a large non-propeller dredger with rock dredging capability, which is co-developed by Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd and Shanghai Jiaotong University. The dredger was started to build in the beginning of 2008 in Qindao Qianjin Shipyard, put into use in October, 2009, and was re-built in the beginning of 2012. The side winch gearbox is responsible for the side movement of the whole hull during operation, is also the key components of this rebuilt job. The working efficiency of the dredger relies on the performance of the gearbox. NGC MJ100_003 type side winch gearbox is designed with excellent performance, which has won high comments from the users. The company is very strong in the package supply of dredging equipment, including power system and the gearbox, such as under water cutter gearbox, dredging pump gearbox, etc. The successful sea trial of "tianlinhao" is a good demonstration of NGC's power in dredging industry.

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