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                              NGC Leads Successful Declaration of National Key R&D Project

                              Published: 2020-10-21


                              A new national key R&D project, “key technologies in lightweight high-linear-velocity gear transmission systems”, has been declared with the NGC subsidiary Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear (Group) Co., Ltd. serving as the project’s leading unit. The project smoothly passed its review by the National Ministry of Science and Technology expert group. As of October 19th, 2020, the commencement of the project was formally declared and thereby successfully listed as a special focus area of the 2020 National Key R&D Plan for “Basic Manufacturing Technologies and Key Components”.

                              The goal of the “key technologies in lightweight high-linear-velocity gear transmission systems” project is to research lightweight high-linear-velocity lightweight gear transmission systems, the optimization of their dynamics, their top-down design, efficient lubrication, intensity improvement, and verification of their applications in the fields of aviation and turbine motors, as well as other major technical systems. The project also aims at breaking through the limitations of traditional gear design methods, solving related scientific problems such as developing nonlinear coupling mechanisms in lightweight high-linear-velocity gear transmission systems, top-down mapping mechanisms of dynamic performance and structural parameters, mixed oil-and-gas lubrication mechanisms. and fatigue failure mechanisms, breaking through key technology bottlenecks in designing lightweight high-speed gear transmission systems, performing composite modifications of gear tooth surfaces, improving transmission efficiency, strengthening the surface of the gears, and providing effective theoretical methods and technical means for the design, manufacture, and servicing of lightweight high-linear-velocity gear transmission systems.

                              In recent years, NGC has proactively responded to the national “Made in China 2025” strategy of being “innovation-driven, quality first, pursuing green development, optimizing structures, and remaining talent-centric.” NGC has actively undertook its corporate responsibility as a well-known enterprise in the gear transmission industry, and has enthusiastically participated in strengthening national production and research bases and supplementing the chain of scientific research projects. Through tackling scientific problems and breaking through key technical bottlenecks, this project will upgrade China’s autonomous scientific research capabilities in the field of aviation transmission and turbine transmission, as well as those of other major technical systems. This project’s research results will lead to technical development across related industries, promote technological progress throughout entire industries, and assist China’s advance in becoming a manufacturing superpower.

                              As the single champion of the manufacturing industry (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 2017-2022), and the most influential company in China's gear industry (China's Mechanical General Components Industry Association, Gear and Electric Drive Branch, 2019), NGC’s series of independent R&D-based high-velocity gear products focuses on cutting-edge technologies in the transmission industry. NGC’s products have all seen constant improvement and breakthroughs in their technical indicators such as power, rotation speed, and efficiency, with broad applications and excellent performance in the electricity, energy, petrochemical, aerospace, and other industries. Altogether, NGC has supplied nearly 10,000 sets of high-speed gearboxes to the global market.

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