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    Quality Wins the Market; Embracing a Great Era of Innovation--NGC Strikes a Pose at the China Wind Power 2020

    Published: 2020-10-19


    On October 14th, 2020, one of the most important exhibitions in the global wind energy industry, the China Wind Power (CWP) 2020, was held in China International Exhibition Center (New Venue). As the world's leading wind energy transmission equipment supplier, NGC was invited to attend this exhibition. Here, together with wind energy industry experts and leading technical consultants, NGC representatives joined discussions in development trends of the wind energy industry, its technologies, and its future.

    During this exhibition, NGC brought its next-generation WinGearTM brand 3.x MW main gearbox platform on stage for presentation. This series of products has adopted a modular design concept, innovatively introduced advanced sliding bearing technologies, and has removed the main parts of the wind gearbox which wear heavily during high-load operations—the bearing, while still guaranteeing the safety and reliability of its products. This gearbox also features a higher torque density and lighter weight, and further improves its power generation volume within the fan life cycle, reducing electricity costs, and helps customers to improve their economic benefits.

    During the presentation, NGC’s 8 MW wind turbine tooth ring, 6 MW yaw drive, and variable pitch gearbox also attract numerous viewers’ attention. This series of products is a showcase of NGC’s achievements in high-megawatt marine wind turbine gearbox technology. NGC has now mastered heat treatment deformation control within the gearboxes, hobbing of special coefficients within the gears, special treatment of gear tooth surfaces, and other core technologies. NGC has also produced many key technologies in high-power wind turbine gearboxes, and holds independent intellectual property rights to the same. NGC has thereby achieved mass-production delivery and stable operation of high-megawatts maritime wind turbine gearboxes.

    On the afternoon of October 14th, Mr. Gu Xiaobin, executive director of the NGC Group and General Manager of the Wind Energy Department, was invited to CWP conference entrepreneurs’ forum. Under the influence of both the global COVID-19 outbreak and the rise in wind energy installation, Mr. Gu and the other attendees jointly discussed industry topics and exchanged suggestions in terms of macroscopic strategy, entering the industry, implementation safeguards, and other aspects, thereby laying a solid foundation for the wind energy industry’s green recovery in post-pandemic era. “The sudden outbreak of the pandemic brought a lot of pressure on our timely delivery, NGC adhered to the principle of pandemic prevention and returning to work as a group, returned to production at the earliest possible time, and made efforts to provide better service to our customers,” Mr. Gu Xiaobin said.

    By means of high-quality products, advanced technologies, and thoughtful service, NGC won unanimous consensus support across the market. To date, the total globally installed capacity of NGC’s wind energy main gearboxes reached 80,000 units, more than 150 gigawatts (GW), thereby delivering a steady stream of clean energy to millions of households and bringing considerable economic and environmental benefits for both the market and society, continuously transmitting green power to accelerate the progress of human civilization.


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