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    NGCRV Makes Its Debut at the Suzhou Industrial Automation and Robotics Exhibition

    Published: 2020-06-08


    On June 3rd, 2020, the Suzhou International Industrial Automation and Robotics Exhibition successfully opened at the Suzhou International Expo Center.

    Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “NGC”) presented its N series, E series and C series of speed reducers for robots (NGCRV) products at this exhibition, whichofficially opened the prelude of NGC’s entry into the robot speed reducer business field.

    N, E, and C NGCRV reducers (left to right)

    NGCRV Robot Speed Reducer Meets Requirements for High-Precision Trajectory Control

    In order to meet the needs of its customers, NGC launched three product series onto the market: the NGCRV-N type,featuringlow weight and moment of inertia while maintaining standard torque density, the NGCRV-E type with its high transmission torque and low installation space, and theNGCRV-C type, which employs a hollow structure to support cable wiring.

    Adhering to NGC’s more than 50 years of profound technical accumulation, , strict processing standards, and high reliability of digital development platforms, NGCRV robot speed reducershave been endowed with advantages including a compact structure, strong anti-overload capacity, high performance, and high positioning accuracy, and their overall performance reaches a globally leading level.

    NGC’s exhibition booth

    NGC’s booth at the exhibition attracted many insider visitors from across the industry, and NGC staff and its guests conducted in-depth exchanges on product performance, technical features, and industry trends.

    About Nanchuan Intelligence

    NGCRV operations are conducted by NGC’s wholly owned subsidiary, Nanjing Nanchuan Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. (abbreviated as “Nanchuan Intelligence”). Founded in 2016, Nanjing Nanchuan Intelligent Technology has introduced world-class processing equipment and an automated production line, and has established a thermostatic precision processing workshop, a thermostatic precision assembly workshop, and auxiliary facilities. Thanks to its lean production management, the company can ensure that its products to meet the highest quality standards throughout their lifecycles.

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