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                              NGC Boosts the Pillars of a Great Power – Shield Tunneling Machines

                              Published: 2019-04-26


                              The shield machine (shield tunneling machine), is a dedicated piece of tunnel engineering machinery, which combines optics, mechanics, electrics, hydraulics, sensors, and information technology. Its main applications are soil excavation, conveying soil crusts, tunnel lining, laser orientation, and other functions. It is the real pillar of a great power, and is also known in industry circles as the "underground aircraft carrier".

                              With the development of the domestic tunnel construction industry, Chinese shield tunneling machines have had to walk their own development road from scratch, and have broken the dominance of imported machinery in just ten years. For nearly two years, NGC has been providing mating reducers for CRCC (China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co. Ltd), STEC (Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd) and other companies. NGCs reducers are used in the main drive of the cutter head system of shield machines (including TBM), as well as screw conveyors, segment erectors, and belt conveyors. These are not only operated in mountain tunnel construction projects, but also in urban subway systems. The extreme conditions in which this equipment can operate reliably and demonstrate the power and charm of machinery made in China.

                              The cutter head drive system is an important part of the shield tunneling machine, and the planetary drive is a "top priority" component of the main drive system of the cutter head. During tunneling construction, the rock conditions are complicated, and the cutter head drive system is always confronted with variable load conditions. Therefore, the dynamic characteristics of the planetary gear transmission system in the reducer are particularly important for the reliability of the main drive system and the stability of the whole machine.

                              Operation Simulation And Product Design Optimization

                              By establishing the nonlinear dynamic model of the reducer, the research and development team at NGC analyzed the dynamic characteristics of the reducer system. We studied the performance of key components under different operating conditions, and ensured that the structural design and parameter optimization of the reducer were guided by the performance of the whole machine.

                              Considering the influence of errors on the load-sharing performance of multi-planet gearboxes, the proper load-sharing method for multi-planet transmission is determined through the analysis of gear system dynamics, something of great significance in stabilizing the quality of the reducer. In addition, the lightweight design of the integrated connection between motor and reducer ensures the good reliability and stability of the reducer, while at the same time reducing noise and providing a stable working environment for the shield machine products.

                              New Generation of High Pressure Resistant Seal Technology for Improved Product Life

                              NGC uses a new generation of high pressure resistant seals, developed in-house by the company to improve the sealing surface. These also prevent mud from filling back and damaging the reducer, and solve other problems such as wear and leakage. The most common form of failure in gear products stems from fatigue. In order to ensure the long service life and reliability of the reducer, NGC has carried out in-depth research into anti-fatigue manufacturing and quality control technologies.

                              Unique Water Cooling Mode

                              Taking into account the necessity for high power transmission density, compact structure and narrow space, NGC uses a high power density heat balance and temperature-control technology, together with an explosion-proof control system and constant pressure one-way ventilation system. We also optimized the design of the reducers thermal radiation and thermal structure, and created a unique new water cooling mode, which can achieve better heat dissipation performances and faster heat emissions, ensuring the correct operating temperature range for the speed reducer.

                              Relying on our strong product research and development capabilities, quality control and comprehensive product qualification, as well as on their tailor made design and manufacturing, NGC reducers can meet the engineering needs of various types of shield machines, resulting in a positive impact on the industry and receiving the praise of many customers.

                              The current range of NGC reducers have succeeded in the field with flying colors, thanks to their excellent performance, highly efficient production delivery cycle, and outstanding 24 / 7 global service team. We are now the supplier of choice for many large engineering machinery enterprises. NGC supplies mating reducer products for excavating machinery, mining machinery, pile driving machinery, road paving machinery, port machinery, aerial work machinery, and agricultural machinery, as well as for many other industries.

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