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    NGC Gear-Sight 3000 Online Status Monitoring System has Launched -- Making Gearbox Operation and Maintenance Easier

    Published: 2018-06-20


    With the continuous development of intelligent technology of the wind energy industry in recent years, the demand for intelligent wind turbine drive systems has become more and more urgent. NGC has undergone decades of development, accumulated rich and valuable experience in the fields of transmission equipment design, manufacture, and testing, and gained a profound understanding of transmission equipment and industry demand for state monitoring and intelligence operations. Building on the outstanding strength of its R&D design, processing and manufacturing, product testing, equipment maintenance, and other areas, adhering to a business philosophy of providing users with reliable quality and innovative technology, NGC has now launched the Gear - Sight 3000 online status monitoring system.

    Product highlights:
    1. Artful design, precise monitoring
    2. High-grade protection, reliable operation
    3. Rich data analysis
    4. Passed national laboratory tests

    Gearbox full life cycle management, improving equipment reliability

    The Gear - Sight 3000 is a wind energy gearbox online monitoring and health management system for the wind energy industry, manufactured by NGC to a high degree of precision. Through its sensor system, the Gear - Sight 3000 collects and monitors real-time operational data including vibration and metal particles in the oil. It uploads valid data and information onto a cloud service platform and then stores it in real-time using internet technology. Through running real-time data acquisition, it accurately grasps the operational state of the gearbox, and with the powerful computing capacity of the data cloud service platform, it compares the gearbox operational data with standard product data to produce accurate analysis and assessment on the operational state and soundness of the gearbox.

    2 MW gearbox factory installation

    As soon as a fault or failure is detected, a NGC senior expert team comprehensively diagnoses the failure and posts an early warning on the equipment status, effectively preventing deterioration of the situation, reducing the risk of catastrophic turbine failures. At the same time, with its professional after-sales service ability, NGC provides users with professional, accurate and feasible operational plans in a timely manner to resolve the confirmed failure, helping users reduce operational costs by means of early intervention. At the same time, through these professional suggestions, users can implement active and reasonable operational strategies, and can optimize production accordingly to reduce unplanned downtime, improving turbine efficiency, and the overall economic efficiency of wind power.


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