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    A New Platform and Rapid Advancement—— NGC’s MHB Industrial Standard Gearbox Awarded the Coal Mining Products Safety Certificate

    Published: 2017-08-31


    In order to further develop coal mining product markets, NGC has obtained coal mining product safety standards accreditation for 79 gearbox models, including MHB, MQ and JS. After passing the strict technical audit, sampling inspection, onsite and final audits carried out by Mining Products Safety Approval and Certification Center, the Company was easily granted certification on Aug. 22, 2017.

    NGC, established in 1969, has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of transmission systems. Over the last decade, the Company has been engaged in the production of maintenance-free gearboxes for mining applications based on the advantages of gearboxes in numerous fields. Through careful design, precise calculations and rigorous testing, the products have been successfully applied to large mining equipment in Shendong, Shandong Energy Group, Henan Energy and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. etc., owing to its smaller size, excellent performance, safety and reliability. Perfect after-sales services have furthermore relieved customers of any and all concerns.

    The Figure above shows NGC MHB industrial standard gearbox

    The MHB industrial standard gearbox which has now been awarded with the Coal Mining Products Safety Certificate is an industrial gearbox platform product independently developed by NGC. By adopting an advanced modular design technology, a short product delivery cycle is achieved, and since the primary components have high versatility and interchangeability, there are fewer specifications for each component. Standard products can satisfy the demands for each industrial field, and we can also custom make non-standard products for application in different fields according to customer requirements.

    The MHB industrial standard gearbox has extensive application in the coal industry for underground transport equipment, auxiliary equipment, cleaning, sorting and transportation equipment, cleaning and transportation equipment, such as surface crushers, flexible scraper conveyors, gas vacuum pumps, overhead riding devices, trestle belt conveyors, production line scrapers, rod-toothed crushers, and mechanical sieve jigging machine. Receiving the Coal Mining Products Safety Certificate for NGC’s MHB industrial standard gearbox will aid the Company in providing more efficient and perfected industrial solutions for the coal mine industry. (by Qian Hongru)

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