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                              Gathering Collective Wisdom, Motivating Team Potential -- Extended Training of Graduates Newly Employed by China Transmission in 2014

                              Published: 2014-08-25


                              To help new employees blend into the enterprise quickly and enhance team cohesiveness, the HR department of NGC Group and the HR department of each subsidiary company in July organized an extended training activity.

                              (Cooperatively Spelling NGC)

                              With comprehensive preparation and elaborate organization in the earlier stages, a training scheme for the activity was designed by a professional institution that ensured safety and orderliness during the extended training. During the one-day training, more than 80 newly employed college graduates were divided into 6 groups, led by a leader appointed by HR departments of each subsidiary. Under instructions from the trainer, they completed training programs such as “King and Angel”, “Broken Bridge”, “Back Wrestle”, “Double Decoding” and “Survival Wall”. These programs mainly focused on breaking down barriers, challenging oneself, building mutual trust, team building, and enhancing communication. After each activity, the trainees would sit in a circle and listen to the comments and inspiration of the trainer and then participate in discussion and summary, so as to attain the objectives of each training item. The progressive training approach achieved the purpose of strengthening the execution force and collective coordination force of the team.

                              In this extended training, all newly employed graduates were actively involved in each activity in high spirits and with an active and serious attitude. They had likewise achieved self-recognition in team activities and fully realized the importance of faith, decisiveness, forgiveness, and cooperation in achieving victory and success. The extended training was short, but it will surely be of far-reaching significance for each new employee. We are confident that the understanding attained during the training will accompany the new employees and be applied in their future work, helping them to rapidly blend into the team and become a precious asset in the development of China Transmission.


                              Training Items: Double Decoding, Back Wrestle, Broken Bridge, Survival Wall

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