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                              Love is in the Air at China Transmission: A Serendipitous Spring Romance --A record of youth social networking in Spring 2014

                              Published: 2014-05-23


                              In Spring 2014, NGC departments gathered young employees together from the gear group, marine group, coal mine machinery group, electromechanical product group, and the LED product group to participate in two social gatherings on April 13 and May 10, to fully demonstrate the talent of young employees, vigorously promote a civilized, fashionable, and positive new wind of love and marriage, and build a bridge for the vast number of single employees to get acquainted and grow together. The two events were the “Love is in the Air at Tianyun Lake: Serendipitous Relationships at NGC” youth event jointly held with the Tianyun Lake Sport Resort and the “Spring Art Performance and Enterprise ‘Blind Date’ Party” joined by many famous enterprises organized of the Xiaoxing Community, Saihongqiao Offices, Yuhua District.

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                              Over 150 young China Transmission employees registered for the two events, and the company broadened the scope and platform for the events through a one-on-one unit gathering and group “blind date” party. Due to good organization on the part of NGC departments and with support from subsidiaries, a richer romantic atmosphere helped single employees find happiness in life with ease, romance, and warmth.

                              Like one big family, China Transmission has always committed itself to offering a platform for young adults to grow into outstanding talent, with concern and care that young employees may broaden their horizons. Through a series of social networking events, our young employees came together with friends from famous enterprises in a sweet and welcoming manner, further reflecting the humanistic care of the enterprise and improving its reputation and influence. The company hopes that more people will make friends with our young employees, grow together with them, and join in with our happy and sweet events!

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