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                              Published: 2014-05-06


                              The commendation meeting for the “Job Improvement and Skills Competition” was held by NGC Marine on the afternoon of April 29, 2014, with subsidiary Nanjing High Accurate Drive Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd (NGC Marine Group) in the 1st floor meeting room of the Phase III Building. More than 60 individuals attended the meeting, including members of the Activity Organization Committee, representatives of the labor union and Youth League Committee and 42 outstanding employees. The Activity Organization Committee commended the 42 employees during the meeting who exhibited outstanding performance in activities, awarding “Top Technical Skills Master” certificates to 11 individuals, including Zhou Fei, who won First Place Prize and “Technical Skills Master” certificates. 31 individuals including Fang Wei won Second or Third Place Prizes and were offered corresponding awards.

                              This commendation meeting was presided over by Dai Guilin, Deputy Director of the Activity Organization Committee and Deputy General Manager of NGC Marine. Yang Xinrong, Deputy Director of the Activity Organization Committee, and Assistant General Manager of NGC Marine read out the Decision on the NGC Marine 2014 Job Improvement and Skills Competition.

                              (Chen Yongdao, Director of the Activity Organization Committee and General Manager of NGC Marine delivered an important speech)

                              Group photo of First Place Prize Winners

                              Chen Yongdao, Director of the Activity Organization Committee and General Manager of NGC Marine, delivered an important speech during the meeting. General Manager Chen congratulated the 42 employees on winning the commendation. He also expressed approval for the sincere efforts of the Activity Organization Committee members and expressed his sincere gratitude to the Labor Union and Youth League Committee for their substantial support. General Manager Chen indicated that considering the number of competitors, the scope, organization and achievements, the competition had been the most successful since the foundation of NGC Marine and had fully mobilized the enthusiasm of NGC Marine personnel. Through this activities and under the spirit of “Unified and Sincere Efforts”, all cadres and workers at NGC Marine, especially front-line workers, saw improvements to technical skills, confidence, quality awareness, and cohesion of the company as a whole. All these achievements are of great significance for further development of NGC Marine. More related activities will be held by NGC Marine in the future to exhibit and improve the abilities of personnel.

                              During the meeting, General Manager Chen emphasized the high requirements and strict standards of quality and their importance to the survival and development of NGC Marine. He also dissected the necessity for maintaining and improving quality marine products, especially for the current platform gearboxes produced by the company as key parts for marine operation platforms. As Chen explained, good quality is very important for maintaining safety of both life and property, so each working procedure must be performed with “quality first and customer supremacy” in mind in order to achieve the goal of having 100% of products pass testing. Finally, General Manager Chen indicated that this commendation meeting was not the end but a new beginning, and that he expected winners to guard against arrogance and help to realize further improvements to product quality and work efficiency based on their exemplary roles for the sake of higher earnings and the reputation of the enterprise.   

                              This activity extended for one month, from March 12, 2014 to April 10, 2014 for all competition items containing theory examinations and skills operations. A total of 167 individuals from 10 work roles attended the activities, including those from the travel crane, electric welding, cold working, numerical control vertical lathes, horizontal lathes (common, numerical control), the processing center (Toshiba), boring machines, benchwork (radial drill) and inspection. Under the proper direction of the Activity Organization Committee and cooperation of the cadres and workers, the “Job Improvement and Skills Competition” in 2014 was a great success and therefore a favorable atmosphere for “learning knowledge, practicing technical skills and making contributions” was formed. The marine product market development of NGC Marine will surely continue to flourish thanks to such positive energy.

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