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                              Dragon Boat Race at Mochou Lake Demonstrates Strength of CHSTE

                              Published: 2009-06-19


                              21 teams, consisting of 378 team members from all subsidiaries, workshops and departments, participated in this race, and nearly one thousand employees as well as several thousand visitors by the lake watched the game and cheered on the dragon boats.

                              Leaders of our group, led by Mr. Hu Yueming, the Chairman and President, came to the race. Mr. Hu painted the eyes of dragon to announce the start of the race, and in the twinkling of the eye, the whole site was lit with enthusiasm. The staring gun sounded and the race started with all boats set out with a thundering applause and cheers from the audience on the bank. After 7 rounds of heated competitions, the Ningkai Rough Machining Workshop won the championship while the Ningkai Welding Workshop and Machining Workshop won the Second Prizes, and the Rough Machining Workshop, the Gaote Assembly Workshop, the High Accurate No. 7 Workshop were granted the Third Prize. The Assembly Workshop team from High Speed Company was granted the Prize for Best United Efforts, the No. 3 Workshop team from High Accurate Company won the Prize for Best Image, and the Prize for Best Organizers was granted to teams from the headquarters and Ninghongjian. The other fifteen teams were given Consolation Prizes for their efforts in the race.

                              The race was divided into the opening ceremony, the race and the closing ceremony. The theme of the opening ceremony was “to inherit nice traditions”, therefore traditional Chinese programs like the dragon dance, lion dance and draon/lion eye finishing touch have been arranged to demonstrate Chinese Customs. The employee representatives also gave speeches to express the popularity and teamwork of this activity. During the race, the judges and staff at the port, on the service boats and on the band collaborated to maintain good order and ensure the safety of all players. For the closing ceremony, cheerful song performances prepared by the youth league of our group brought the activity into the climax and won uanimous applause from the audience.

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