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                              Over a thousand employees joined the long distance race to welcome the New Year in the new prosperous facility for marine product

                              Published: 2012-01-12


                              (46 representative teams stand by)

                              In the morning of 7 Jan, 2012, over 1500 employees under 46 teams from each subsidiaries of the Group stand by in the Phase Ⅲ new facility of High Accurate Marine Company, preparing for the long distance race, the annual event of China Transmission, with a theme of Welcome the New Year, Visit the New Facility and Look forward to the new development this year. Mr. Hu Yueming, the Chairman and general manager, Mr. Jin Maoji, the party secretary, Mr. Chen Yongdao, the vice general manager, Mr. Yao Jingsheng, the Chairman of the Labor Union and other leaders of the Group Company joined this event.

                              The Phase Ⅲ new facility of High Accurate Marine Company where the long distance race took place occupies a total area of 138 mu, the main facility occupies a area of 44,000 square meters, which will be put into use soon. The construction of it helped realize the resources integration of the marine product and improve the R&D technology capability, so as to lay a solid foundation for the development of marine company. The next step is to build up first class international marine equipment enterprise, take up domestic market step by step and create high popularity in global market.

                              (Mr. Hu Yueming was giving a new year celebration speech and fired the starting gum)

                              Mr. Hu said, the year of 2011 was a year during which every one was confident, united, brave and hardworking. We had more innovation, transformation, science development and second venture, which made us conquer the difficulties during the international financial crisis and the adjustment of domestic country. The company business kept increasing and achieved great results. Facing the new year, he also required us to prepare for adversity, keep the innovation spirit and team spirit, carry out three central tasks which are innovation, second venture and solidarity, try to make new contribution for NGC.

                              After fierce competition of 3200 meters race, the results came out. The No. 1 facility of High Speed Company, No. 6 facility of High Accurate Company, No. 3 facility of High Speed Company, the equipment department of High Speed Company, No. 2 facility of High Speed Company, the heat treatment facility of High Accurate Company, the assembly facility of Gaote Company, Sikai Electric Company, No. 5 facility of High Speed Company, Machinery facility of Marine Company got the top 10 awards. Nanjing LED, the examination department of High Speed Company, the technology department of High Accurate Company, the High Accurate Marine Company got the best organization awards. The Dongalloy Company, Nanchuan Laser Equipment Company, Ninghongjian Company, Zhong-chuan Heavy Duty Machine Company got the best matrix awards, Zhong Shaolei, Shanxu, Pei Quwu got top three men’s single awards, She Yilan, Lixiaofang, Xu Jingfeng got top three women’s single awards.

                              (Colored smoke)

                              (Men’s group race)                    (Women’s group race)

                              (Jogging matrix)

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