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                              The fishing association of China Transmission went to the Nine Dragons Lake for fishing activity

                              Published: 2011-12-06


                              On 4th December, although the weather is was freezing, the 30 members of the fishing association formed by 30 staffs of from China Transmission were full of excitedenthusiasm for the coming fishing activity. At nine O’clock in the morning, they set out to the destination.They started from Xiaohang Branch to the Fishing Garden of the Nine Dragons Lake at 9 o’clock.

                              At the fishing garden, each member they were busy for began the preparation work , such asincluding settling outfits, picking up location, binding fishing line, picking up fishhook, baiting hooks and supporting the fish pole. After Teverything is ok, the fishing started at 10:00am and ended at 12:00pmactivity progressed for 2 hours, and after that all members. People packed up their outfits and gathered together to take a picture took a group photo for the good memory.

                              Fishing is a very good sport. Through it, for people tocan cultivate his their minds and steeling his willwills. This kind of activity , and is also a good way to held in our company increased our staffs’ team spirit and enriched our their life life of spare time.

                              (Group Photo)

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