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June 7, 2011

Adventures Abound!

I can’t believe the time has already come for Ben and I to leave Maui and head out on our just-about-four-week whirlwind trip across the U.S.!  In just a few hours we’ll be up in the air en route to see dozens of good friends from Oregon to Virginia to New York to Seattle.  I can’t begin to tell you how excited we are! 

Ben and I really enjoy travelling – it’s actually one of the things that brought us together in the first place.  Over the years we’ve created a pretty good system on packing and prep [I think it helps that we’re both minimalists] and more importantly, going with the flow. 


[The first thing Ben packed = Frisbees.  The first thing I packed = Vitamins.  What does that say about us?]

Today I want to share with you a few tips on what I do to prepare for a trip while staying healthy!  This trip is a bit unique in that we’ll be gone for so long and traveling so much between states, but this is what I did to prepare nutrition-wise:

1) Stay healthy + eat clean before the trip. 

Ben and I are generally very healthy people, but we’ve been making extra efforts to take our vitamins and eat nutritious, wholesome food this past week.  By doing this, we’re ensuring a healthy immune system for both the plane rides and the changing climates [we start our trip in Oregon and then Colorado], plus we’re both detoxed from junk food, which will make it much easier to make healthy choices on the trip. 

2) Chug the H20 [and always take a water bottle!]. 


Consistent with eating well the week before a trip, it’s also very important to be hydrated for the journey.  The plane ride itself is extremely dehydrating, but staying hydrated also helps with all bodily functions, so it’s important to keep chugging, even when liquids aren’t allowed through security. 

Ben and I solved that dilemma with our Platypus water bottle, which is a collapsible, reusable water bottle.  We’ve been rocking these for a couple of years now and we love them because they’re perfect for hiking and travelling.  When you’re done, just fold it up and stick it in your pocket [they’re light weight!].


3) Think ahead for good nutrition. 

To say I do not function well when I’m hungry is the biggest understatement ever.  I get light-headed, super irritable and mean.  Straight up.  I’m used to my structured 5 meals-a-day, which isn’t typical for most, so I need to bring snacks that will accommodate my lifestyle. 


We bring a small cooler for the plane ride that allows me to have snacks on hand [steamed sweet potato, curry quinoa, a few Dream Bars, a protein bar, and roasted almonds]. 

I roasted the almonds the other day at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes and then let them cool for an hour.  DELISH!  We’ve got a massive bag ready for the trip so that I don’t spend unnecessary money. 



Hawaiian Airlines is awesome in that they feed you on the plane ride over for free, but the options never fit into my select diet [gluten-free], so I’ll either give Ben my plate if he’s hungry [or decline it] and then eat my curry quinoa.

We also need to take the cooler because we’re bringing a pineapple to share with friends in Oregon tonight!  


We grew it ourselves on the deck, and in order to take it on the plane you either have to have it agriculturally inspected or you have to chop it up and take it with. 

I’ve also packed a baggie of steel cut oats [even if we eat out for lunch/dinner often, at least I can control what I have for breakfast!] and protein powder for the trip, and am planning on hitting up Trader Joe’s ASAP to pick up more healthy snacks once we get to the US. 

Ben and I will focus on eating as healthily as possible while we’re gone – it’s nice to have each other as support when there’s wedding cake or New York bagels sitting in front of you. Winking smile

On the exercise front, Ben and I are bringing our Vibram FiveFingers for both walking/being tourists and going running as often as we can.  I’ve got TurboKick rounds as well as yoga podcasts loaded on the iPod, too, so I’ll have no excuse not to get sweaty often!   Our friends are all very active, we plan on playing frisbee/soccer and hiking, and we’ll be doing tons of walking around the cities too. 

Alright, Ben and I are off to get chiropractic adjustments and then head to the airport! 

We have phenomenal friends and we truly enjoy going on adventures together.   One of the things I appreciate most about being with Ben is that we both recognize that our relationships—both to each other and with our friends and family—are precious and invaluable.  Because of this, I’ve chosen to leave my computer at home during our four-week trip.  It’s hard for me to imagine not blogging and sharing all of our adventures with you while they’re happening, but I want to stay truly present while I’m visiting loved ones [they deserve that from me], and I don’t ever want blogging to become a ‘chore’ for me.

I’ll be taking tons of photos, and when I return home I’ll be sure to update you all on the highlights of the trip [island girl in the big city!].  In the meantime, have fun out there! 

See you in July!

June 3, 2011

How to Wire-Wrap a Drop Earring

I got a request a few months back to do a tutorial on simple wire-wrapping for those new to jewelry-making.  I am so sorry it’s taken me so long to get to it, but here you go: how to wire-wrap a drop earring! 


There are two main ways to connect an earring fixture to an earring hook.  The first and simplest method is to make a simple loop with round-nose pliers.  The end result is simple yet completely functional, as seen here:


[I’m more than happy to do a tutorial on this method if anyone’s interested.]

The second method creates a more intricate and sturdy result by wrapping the wire around the earring stem a few times.  We’ll be focusing on this latter method today.  For simplicity, I made this pair of earrings with single beads, but you can add as many beads/fixtures to your earrings as you’d like. 

What you’ll need

  • 2 headpins
  • 2 earring hooks
  • beads
  • flat pliers
  • round pliers
  • wire cutters


What To Do

1. Stack your bead[s] onto your head pin. 


2. Place your round pliers flush to the bead and bend the head pin back to create a 90 degree angle.  This 90 degree angle is pivotal in creating a nicely wrapped piece.   


3. Reposition your round pliers from a horizontal position to a vertical position. 


4.  Start your loop by using your fingers [or flat pliers] to pull the wire up and over the pliers.


5. Reposition the pliers once more to a horizontal position, and push the head pin all the way around to create a full circle.  Again, it’s very important to have the head pin form a 90 degree angle here.


6. Take your flat pliers and hold the loop in place as you wrap the wire around the stem of the head pin a few times.  I focus on pulling the wire UP toward the loop to create the tightest, cleanest look. 


7. Now wrap the wire down as close to the bead as you can possibly get and then use your wire cutters to pinch off any excess. 


8. Using your flat pliers, reposition the loop to center, and voila!  You’ve got a wire-wrapped drop earring! 


You can use this fundamental method to create many different types of earrings. 



Happy creating!  I hope this answers some questions.  If you’re looking for more detail, or would like me to go over something else specifically, please leave a comment below.  I’d love to help in whatever way I can. 

If you’re interested, check out my other jewelry-making tutorial on how to wrap a briolette

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