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January 31, 2011

Motivational Monday – Eliminating Negative Self-Talk

I am so excited about today’s Motivational Monday post!

As you may already know, Motivational Mondays manifested last week as a response to all the negativity I’ve experienced surrounding weight loss lately.  This is my space to highlight ways in which individuals can make lifestyle changes and develop tool kits to live healthy, balanced lives (whether or not your goal is weight loss).

My wellness journey continues to bring incredible people into my life.  Creating relationships with people who share common healthy living interests serves me in many ways – these are the people I turn to for inspiration and the ones I call when I feel lost.  More importantly, though, I find my voice through these relationships.  I learn an immense amount through others’ stories, and I realize that I, too, have experiences that are valid and yearn to be understood by others.

It is this precise reason that I am so excited to introduce you Motivational Mondays’ first Motivational guest poster : Caitlin!

Caitlin is a phenomenal woman who is changing the world one positive thought at a time. Her Operation Beautiful blog immediately became a huge success, and it’s no wonder – Operation Beautiful is more than a blog, it’s a profound social concept and movement that is changing the way many women (and men) see themselves.

[all photos courtesy of operationbeautiful.]

I would love to see more of these post-its around Maui [wink wink].

My reasons for asking Caitlin to do a Motivational Monday guest post seem obvious. The girl is on fire!  She’s got an Operation Beautiful book in stores, recently won $10,000 for Girls on the Run in Amway’s Positivity Project, and is in the final stages of her girl/teen edition of an Operation Beautiful book!  More than that, though, she is diligently working to help women everywhere look beyond the negative images and find true beauty within themselves.

So without further ado, I give you Caitlin’s Motivational Monday post:

Hey there!  My name is Caitlin and I blog over at Healthy Tipping Point and Operation Beautiful.  I love the idea of a Motivational Monday because the start of the week truly is the best time to kick off a new habit or make a new healthy choice.

One small thing you can do is stop negative self-talk, which is a huge roadblock to achieving a happier and healthier life.  A lot of negative self-talk is Fat Talk, which is negative talk about your body or appearance, but negative self-talk can really be about anything – your relationships, career, abilities, personality, etc.  I think it’s important to listen to the negative voices to discern where these messages are coming from – media, energy-sucking family members or toxic friends are common culprits.

Once you identify the source of your negative talk, you can put a stop to it by:

  • Consciously correcting yourself, outloud or in your head
  • Replacing your negative thought with a positive but realistic one

So, what do we really mean when we say, “I’m so fat”? We actually mean that we are FULL WITH AN EMOTION. Oftentimes, it’s shame. Or sadness. Or fear.

Why do we express our inner turmoil by hating our bodies? Because that’s what Fat Talk and society tells us to do. Don’t admit you’re scared, just feel fat! Don’t admit you’re lonely or depressed, you’re just fat! We can deal with ugliness, we cannot deal with weakness.

The next time you feel the urge to say, “I’m so fat,” think about what you REALLY mean. By berating your body, you aren’t doing any favors. But by honoring your emotions, you’re living a happier, more honest life.

If you want to learn more, check out

Mahalo nui to Caitlin for your willingness to share your mana`o!  [Seriously, go check out her websites - Operation Beautiful serves as a great pick-me-up when I need some inspiration and Healthy Tipping Point offers all kinds of great advice, from birth-control-talk to healthy recipes!].

Do you catch yourself engaging in negative self-talk or fat-talk? I, personally, have been focusing on eliminating negative fat-talk (it’s amazing how much I do it without realizing it!).

Would you like to be a contributor? Comment or email me at and tell me your motivational story, who motivates you, and/or your tips.

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January 31, 2011

Weekend Highlights

I’ve got a great Motivational Monday post set up for you guys today, but first I wanted to do a quick recap of this past weekend.  It was such a great, low-key, energy-shifting weekend for us as we took time to reconnect and add to the house a bit. Smile Let’s get straight into it:


We had lunch with Momma at Local Mocha Cafe, right down the street from our house in Pukalani.  I had heard good things about their sushi but was still blown away by the quality and price.  :)  We will definitely be going back soon!  After lunch, Mom gave us these gorgeous flowers.  She got them from a box on the side of the road on her way back from a hike in the Haleakala crater this weekend – so proud of her!

The find of the weekend = this set of adjustable Bowflex SelectTech dumbells!


These rock!  You can adjust them  to get dumbells ranging from 5 to 52.5 lbs!  And it takes up much less room than an entire weight set.  The best part?  They retail for almost $400 and I got them at a garage sale – in perfect condition – for $50!  Woot! I’m seriously considering letting go of my gym membership now.

The highlight of my weekend = being a judge for the local 4H Club’s Teach-In Day!

Ben and I were asked by a friend if we would be open to judging.  Ben’s initial response was, “sure, but I don’t have much expertise” because he thought we’d be judging farm animals or something.  Turns out Teach-In Day is simply an opportunity for young girls in 4H to create a recipe and practice their public speaking and preparation skills by teaching a bunch of people how to create the recipe themselves.

Needless to say, the girls all did phenomenally and were awarded with ribbons (while we were awarded with ‘ono food!).


[It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it Winking smile]

The project of the weekend = the new study area!

The reason Ben and I were checking out garage sales in the first place was because we recently put together our new desk.  Our cottage has one bedroom and is truly perfect for just the two of us [I really mean it when I say that we live simply], but one of the things that was really bothering us was not having a space designated for studying (we’re both in grad school).  When we went looking for desks, we couldn’t find anything that would fit into our tiny space without cramping the entire house, until we came across our perfect desk…


“Wait, that’s not a desk”, you say?

Check this out:


Everything fits inside (including the printer, which rolls out!) and then folds together perfectly when we need the space.  Seriously, we are in love!


Sweet, right?  Smile Once the desk was in, we figured it was the perfect time to get a big enough bookcase and move some things around.


The vibe in the house feels really good right now, which sparked some creativity in the kitchen – recipes to come soon!  Smile

Also, stay tuned for the Motivational Monday post!

Aloha Pumehana. Whether you’re here to find balance, wholesome recipes or inspiration, I hope you enjoy the posts.  Please subscribe to Green Plate Dinners to receive automatic updates and be the first to read new posts for free!
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